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WELCOME You have arrived on the CSI's Signer Quiz Login page. If you are not sure how to log in, please contact CSI. A staff member may also help you: 303-492-6366. We will provide you with your Signer ID (SID) and your Student Group ID (SGID).

Once you have your SID and SGID you can precede with your login and access the on-line CSI Signer Quiz.

You should take this quiz if you have started a new group OR you are a new signer on an existing group.

  • Login and proceed with reading the Modules and then with taking a quiz after each Module.
  • You must complete all 5 questions AND click the SUBMIT button to receive a score for the Module.
  • Partially completed quizzes will not receive scores and you will be required to retake the quiz.
  • You may stop after a completed Module and return later to complete another Module or all of them.
  • The Progress page will show your completed Module status and scores.
  • Once you've passed (at least 80%) each individual Module (1-9), an email will automatically be sent to the CSI and your Colorado.edu email address, with your results.
  • The above quiz information is also available on the Progress page. Refer to this page for questions or contact the CSI Staff.


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