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  • Cultural Events Board (CEB): CEB is allocated mandatory student fee money each year in order to fund projects that provide the campus with a diverse program of special events. Events that are appropriate for CEB funding include: -Lectures -Films -Conferences -Art Displays- Musical/Theatrical Performances -Cultural shows/events - CEB has specific deadlines and requirements. Please see the CEB Funding Information or speak with someone in SOFO If you are interested in applying to them for your student group event. -Contact Information: -Room: UMC 319 -Phone: 303-492-3227 -Regular Meetings: CEB Website

  • Council of Colleges and Schools: The Council of Colleges and Schools (CCS) receives mandatory student fees from CUSG Legislative Council's budget to make allocations to student group projects that are oriented toward student interests and concerns. CCS funds academically oriented student organizations for non-cultural projects such as conference travel and special presentations. Allocations for travel will include only funds for transportation, lodging or registration fees. To receive funding through CCS, student groups must author a bill and secure sponsorship of the legislation by a CCS representative. The CCS bylaws and Student Fee Regulations govern allocations from CCS.
    • Contact Information: -Location: UMC 125 -Phone: 303-492-7473
    -Regular Meetings: the CUSG Website

  • CUSG Representative Council: The Representative Council receives a portion of the CUSG Legislative Council's budget to make allocations to student group projects that are oriented toward student interests and concerns. The council generally funds conference travel and small events. Allocations for travel will include only funds for transportation, lodging, or registration fees. Meals will not be funded by student fees sources. To receive funding, student groups must work with CUSG representative. Call CUSG, for a list of representatives. The CUSG bylaws and Student Fee Regulations govern allocations from Representative Council. -Contact Information: -Location: UMC 125 -Phone: 303-492-7473 -Regular Meetings: CUSG Website

  • Student Group Funding Board: The Student Group Funding Board (SGFB) allocates money to Affiliated and Independent student groups for their yearly operating, travel and event expenses. In order to qualify for funding the student group must have a registered account with SOFO, be open to all U Boulder students and have a set of bylaws outlining membership and administration. Any student group that complies with these rules may submit an application for funding from SGFB. Student groups have the resposibilty of completeing the online SGFB application request SPARK Boulder SGFB funding...and submitting it digitally by the stated due date to When the SGFB application has been submitted, the group must set up a hearing date with the CUSG office in room #125 of the UMC. Attendance at the budget hearings is mandatory and groups will NOT be allocated funds if they fail to attend the budget hearings.

    Funding may only be used for operational expenses and purposes including events and travel. The student group will be catagorized according to the level system which will serve as a guidline for allocations.

    Level 1

    a new group that has been in good standing with SOFO for 1 month to 1 year,

    Level 2

    a group that has been in good standing with SOFO for 1-2 years

    Level 3

    a group has exceeded group standards for 3 or more consecutive years.

    Please contact the SGFB Chair, at 303-492-7473 for exact dates or with any other questions that your group might have about the funding process. The SGFB guidelines and Student Fee Regulations apply to all SGFB allocations.-Contact Information: -Location: UMC 125 CUSG Website-SGFB -Phone: 303-492-7473 -SGFB Chair: Bin Cao Email Bin or SGFB Chair

  • Local Schools: Each of the CU college and school student governments is allocated student fee money based on the actual number of students enrolled in the respective school. Many of the schools in turn will fund student groups and/or special projects affiliated with their particular school. To receive funding from a school or college, student groups must contact the officers of that school's student government.
    • Architecture and Planning Student Government APSG Email
    • Arts and Science Student Government: Arts and Sciences Student Government (ASSG) is allocated mandatory student fee money each year based on enrollment in the College of Arts and Sciences. ASSG uses the funds to address student concerns specific to the college and to fund arts and sciences student group operations and special events. Allocations are made in accordance with ASSG funding policies and Student Fee Regulations. Student groups should visit with an ASSG board or staff member before submitting a proposal to the board.


Some administrative and academic departments or committees will allocate funds to student groups for special projects, events or student group travel. These funds and any student fee allocations you receive must be spent through the SOFO. Requests for speakers' fees, their travel, meals, ground transportation, and lodging will not be considered by administrative or academic sources.

  • The Cultural Unity & Engagement Center (CUE): CUE provides advocacy, advising, mentoring services, and program designed to support and empower students to explore, develop, and maximize their academic, personal, and cultural strengths, while making valuable connections within the university community. For more than four decades, the Center has been instrumental in helping CU tap diversity and social justice as a vital educational and societal resource. CUE has some dedicated funds allocated annually to support student initiatives on campus that uphold our mission and values on cultural awareness, education and cross-collaborations. For more information and/or an application for funding, please contact 303-492-0444, C4C N320 CUE Website
  • Office of Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement (ODECE): ODECE also provides funding for student group events and travel. They coordinate campus wide initiatives and programs to promote diversity and inclusive excellence. For more information visit the ODECE Website
  • Residence Hall Association (RHA): To receive funding from RHA contact them directly. -Contact Information:- Location: Center for Community, Room N161 Phone: 303-492-7305 RHA Website or Email RHA
  • International Student Events Fund: Provides funding for events put on and largely attended byInternational students. -Contact Information:- Email Rebecca Sibley
  • The Coordinated Administrative Funding Committee (CAFC) offers funding to student group events and travel. See the SOFO for a budget review before submitting requests for funding from CAFC. -Contact Information: -Location: UMC 231 -Phone: 303-492-6367 SOFO Website or Email Norman Skarstad
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