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Questions & Answers

General Questions

How do I start a student group?

Should my group be independent or affiliated?

What is GAIR?

Can my student group purchase alcohol?

How can I make ON-CAMPUS purchases?

How can I make OFF-CAMPUS purchases?

What does a receipt need to contain in order for me to get reimbursed?

Should I sign contracts for speakers or performers?

Can I do student group business if I'm not a signer?

When should I setup/return cashboxes?

Events and Travel Questions

Can my group apply for funding for an event?

Can my group apply for funding for travel?

Where should I start?

How far in advance should I plan?

Can I get funding for international travel?

Funding Questions

How do I get funding for my student group?

What are student fees?

Are there any restrictions on how funds may be spent?

What departments give student groups funds?

My group was told we received funding yesterday, why isn't it in my account?

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