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Welcome to SOFO Student Group Information Update Page

You can use this page for:

  • ANNUAL AGREEMENT RENEWAL: This is mandatory for all groups during the month of September and no later than Sept 30, who wish to remain in Good-Standing.
  • UPDATE AGREEMENT: to change your group's name, advisor or department association or chair/director.
  • To change your group's association, you must come to the SOFO and speak with a staff member.

  • UPDATE ADDENDUM: to make changes, corrections, additions to your group's mission, purpose, ethnicity or URL.

To Update your Student Group Agreement and/or Addendum (Mission Statement) :

  1. Select the appropriate form
  2. Complete the form
  3. Sign, Save and Submit the form electronically
  4. Read How to Electronically Sign a PDF Document
  5. Obtain the necessary signatures by using submit buttons on the form
  6. To Change Group Email name and/or password go to this linkUpdate Email Communicator Form

To verify your type of association with the University, go to theSOFO Student Group Directory. Note: the SGD only lists the groups currently in Good-Standing. Contact the SOFO (303-492-6366) for other groups info.

Select to register an new Afflilated Student Group Select to register an new Independent Student Group Select to register an new RFO Student Group Select this to Update or Change your Group's Mission Statement, Facebook page, Website, Purpose, Ethnicity or Advisor information